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teaching & WORKSHOPS

I teach classes and workshops on a variety of topics for classroom students, continuing education and art groups. In classroom settings a curriculum is established that is worked through over the duration of the session. Multi-day workshops will generally have a focus or objective such as plein air painting or if in a studio setting  perhaps the focus would be color and composition.  Shorter presentations can also be customized for the needs or interests of the group.  

Beginning thru advanced Watercolor

Learn about the tools we use to express ourselves - the paints and brushes and surfaces.  Learn to overcome your fear of the dreaded blank piece of paper. Learn about drawing and composition; about planning a painting. Learn within a supportive environment. Learn that it is just a piece of paper. Take the first steps or continuing steps in your artistic journey with the beautiful medium of watercolor. 

Workshop durations and topics can be developed to suit your needs.

Still Life for Jo 2.jpeg

Plein Air


Journey outdoors and be inspired by the place or house or landscape, whatever and however you choose to capture in paint to show the world. Preparation and tools along with techniques discussed will be:

  • How to do a quick sketch in watercolor that could be a finished work or become a reference study for a painting you do later.

  • How to portray a perfect moment when the light and shadows are just right...

  • How to add or delete or move elements to create a strong and clear story.  

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